About Directional Faith

The primary goal of every Christian should be one thing: developing a relationship with God. That’s true whether you’re Catholic, Baptist, Evangelical, or one of the other many denominations. And my goal is to help you on that journey - regardless of your background.

I am looking for pilgrims.

What is a pilgrim? Someone on a pilgrimage, of course. A pilgrimage is simply a journey to a holy place, and when we really think about it, life itself is a journey to the most holy of places.

So when I say that I am looking for pilgrims, I am looking for people who see life as the great pilgrimage.

Developing a Relationship with God

Some Christians connect directly with God the Father. Others turn to Jesus because He relates so well to our lives. Personally, I am madly in love with the Holy Spirit, our Advocate and Helper, who fosters that connection with both the Father and the Son. But the truth is that it is all part of one linear process: the Spirit guides our hearts to Christ who reunites us with the Father through His sacrifice on the cross.

That, my friends, is Christianity in a nutshell.

To have a relationship with God, then, requires that we connect to all three Persons of the Trinity. Many struggle to build a true bond with the Father and Son, but it is because they leave the Spirit out of the equation.

Join me on this pilgrimage, and I will help you overcome that struggle.

About Chad Torgerson (Me)

Almost fourteen years ago, I first learned about St. Ignatius of Loyola, a 16th century Christian who lived during the height of the Reformation.

While the Church was beginning to splinter and divide, he took a more practical approach to faith and spirituality. I’ve spent years studying his writings and ideas, and I even completed a Master’s Degree in Christian Spirituality from Loyola University Chicago.

Instead of studying theology, I chose spirituality because I believe it is the true key to a deeper relationship with God. Through theology, we can know about God, but through spirituality, we can know God personally.

Are you ready to take that next step in your spiritual journey?

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Chad Torgerson is a spiritual director, writer, and speaker living in the Chicago suburbs. He has an MA in Christian Spirituality from Loyola University Chicago and an EdM in eLearning from the University of Illinois.